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Taste your way through our delicious handcrafted charcuterie boards and grazing boxes, carefully curated just for you. We know that you’ll find yourself on an exciting culinary journey with Nosh ATL, and we invite you to come back for more.

Charcuterie Cups/Cones
$9 each

Our Charcuterie Cups and Cones are perfect for a corporate event or medium gathering. Your guests will be provided a sampling of our offerings in a disposable cup.  Minimum order of 20.


Mini Grazing Box $20

The perfect size to share with friends or have it all to yourself—you’ll enjoy it till the very last bite. Created to be eaten directly from the box and includes disposable cutlery. Price per box. Minimum order of 4.

Mini Grazing Box

Small Grazing Box $70

Perfect for 4-6 people and includes an abundance of variety that will leave you wanting more!


Medium Grazing Board
Wooden Tray $140
Disposable Tray $100

Our medium charcuterie board is perfect for intimate gatherings, movie nights, or game nights! This board roughly feeds 4 to 6 people and comes with many helpings of traditional meats, cheeses, nuts, honey, and various produce. The included wooden tray is yours to keep!


Large Grazing Board
Wood Tray $185
Disposable Tray $150

For larger gatherings, this charcuterie board feeds about 10 people.  Perfect for an office party, open house or family celebration.


Grazing Tables $28 per person 

Our Grazing Tables are priced per person for an appetizer portion. We cover a table of your choosing and design the graze on site. The grazing table will include an assortment of speciality cheeses, charcuterie (salami, prosciutto, etc. ), jams, spreads, crackers, artisan bread, seasonal produce, nuts, dried fruit, olives and other offerings. We will also include items within the graze such as seasonal flowers and greenery. Disposable utensils and bamboo tongs will be included. A minimum of 20 guests is required. 

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