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Creamy, Dreamy, Goodness: Burrata

Let's talk about my new obsession Burrata. If you are not familiar, it looks a lot like a mozeralla ball but you will be delighted to find when you split it open, there is a soft, rich, creamy center. The cheese is made from cow's milk and contains cheese shreds called straciatella. When you cut into the ball, the creamy cheese comes spilling out!

The best way to serve this is to keep it simple. I prefer fresh cherry tomatoes, herbs, olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. You can eat burrata by scooping on garlic crostini and pile on your toppings. Another option is to 'dress' your burrata with pesto, truffle oil or a rich balsamic vinegar.

And of course you can make it the star of your charcuterie. Just add olives, roasted red peppers, figs, cured meats and piles of fresh bread or crackers. Or.... on a rustic pizza.


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